Back to Pagan, 2016

Inspired both by japanese traditional tales and ukiyo-e and her russian equivalent the Baba Yaga, my reinterpretation of the yamamba shows her as a snake woman with a bewitching physique, as beautiful as dangerous, feeding on human flesh as well as their soul, trying to fill an abyssal void which will never be satisfied.

A blood red kimono torned to shreds and opened on the chest as the base of this outfit, a natural rope, couple of cotton or wool pieces of japanese patterned fabric are forming this ensemble. As a nod to the russian tales, the kimono is decorated with a golden brocade fabric and worn on the top of a linen shirt with large sleeves.

Finally, the Yamamba wears on her shoulders a fur decorated with leaves made of japanese vintage kimono silk, painted and embroidered by hand.

A project in collaboration with ...

Photography : Alexandra Banti

Model : Klara

Hair : Margaux Genest

Makeup : Vanessa Brooke Lopez