Article 1 : Placing an order

To place a tailor-made order, please use the contact form in the “Contact me” section of the website.
Select the object of your demand, then send me your message indicating your expectations, all needed informations such as your budget, your deadline if you have one, and attach some inspiration pictures.

Once the discussion started and your expectations targeted, I will send you a sketch of your project adapted to your budget together with a detailed quote, and will then suggest fabrics in the form of pictures or, if needed (especially for wedding dresses) as samples sent through postal services.

The order is confirmed once the project has been discussed with both parties agreeing on the price and the deposit paid (for more informations, refer to the “payment” section).

For direct orders of ready-to-wear on the website, the order is completed once you pressed the “confirm order” button and the payment was received.

Article 2 : Delivery

The delivery date for unique tailor-made orders is fixed when planning the order, and could cary over time depending on the current order book.
Should your project need to be complete before a precise date, it won’t be an issue, I will meet the deadline. Should any trouble arise such as delay with the supply delivery, the client will be contacted and informed as soon as possible. If the delivery cannot be made in time, he will be compensated accordingly.
For ready-to-wear orders, if the item is in stock, it will be sent within 3 days after receiving the payment.
If the item is “on demand”, it means the needed fabrics are in stock but the garment need to be made in the requested size once the order placed.
In this case, the delivery date could vary depending on the current order book.
If you want to get an idea of the delivery date before your order, don’t hesitate to contact me.
All my packages are sent through japanese international postal service EMS.
They are all insured and have tracking number.
The shipping delivery usually takes 5 to 10 working days.

Shipping costs

The shopping costs are calculated depending on the weight of your order and the delivery country.

0 to 300gr 13€ 10€ 6,5€
301 to 600gr 18€ 14€ 8€
601 to 800gr 22€ 18€ 8€
801 to 1.25kg 29€ 25€ 10€
1.26 to 2kg 39€ 35€ 12,5€

Article 3 : Prices

The prices displayed on the website include the supplies price, the time needed to the creation, and several professional taxes.
My work is hand crafted and based on a quality “savoir-faire”, therefore the prices are made accordingly.
The prices for direct purchase products on the website are fixed.
The prices for unique and custom-made orders are discussed with the client and negotiable until an agreement is reached.

Article 4 : Payment

Order-made creations

Once the order confirmed, a deposit equivalent to 30% of the price will be asked.
The deposit will be used to pay for a part of the materials required by your project. The payment for the rest of your order will be asked when delivery is ready to be made.
If needed, it can be divided in 2 to 3 payments, at a rate of one payment each consecutive month.
If the payment is staggered, conditions are to be settled before the order confirmation, and after the two parties agreeing, it will be detailed on your invoice, and must be followed according to these terms.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, or through paypal (possibly 3% extra taxes).


When ordering, you can choose your type of payment.

  • bank transfer (the IBAN code will be given to you if you pick this option)
  • paypal (an invoice will be sent to you after receiving and treating your order)

If the payment is not received after 10 working days for bank transfer, and 3 days for paypal payments, the order will be considered as cancelled.

Article 5 : Property rights

All creations are subject to a property clause for the benefit of Clara Maeda and remain her property until all payments have been made.
Clara Maeda is allowing herself to use mannequin photographies of your project for promotion use.