Asking for a quote on the website and telework :

Living and working in Japan most of the year, Clara Maeda proposes to her international clients to work from a distance.
You want to start a project based on my collections, or you are interested in a unique creation, but you cannot drop by my workshop?

Here are the steps to be followed :

Go to the “Contact me” section and fill in the contact form with your request.
Once your form is received, I shall answer as soon as possible and we could start discussing a more detailed project and a quote through e-mails.
When the project will be started, we will need your measurements.
With this aim in mind, I will pass a list of the needed measurements on to you, with some explanations.
No worries, with a little guidance taking your own measurements is actually quite easy, and for special measurements, I propose to you Skype sessions, in order to guide you and verify each step on the way.
Then, if needed, I will send you via postal services a fitting toile for you to try out at home, and ask you to send me photos along with your impressions (comfort, size etc…).
Once again, if needed, we can have this fitting online through Skype.
When the project is completed, I will send your package with international followed and insured postal services.
Should any problems arise once your order received, I won’t let you down, contact me as soon as possible, and I will do all I can to find a solution.

For more details about the proceeding of your project and payment methods, please check the Selling Conditions.

Meet me at my workshop :

You want to start a project based on my collections, or you are interested in a unique creation, and you can stop by my workshop?
We would then have the pleasure to meet and go through the different steps of your project face to face!
When you have a more or less precise idea of what you want your future project to be, go to the contact form in the “Contact me” section.
After I received and reviewed your form, I will contact you for a first meeting.
During this meeting, we will narrow down your wishes, develop your project, and talk about the needed budget.
I will also take your measurements.
If needed, I will give you a second appointment during which you will try on a fitting toile to evaluate whether or not we are going in the right direction.
Finally I will communicate you the date for the final fitting and the order delivery.

Thank you in advance for your trust!

To check the address of my ateliers both in France and Japan, click here

Do not hesitate to go to the “Sale conditions” section, for more technical and monetary details.