The Birth of Gaïa

Back to Pagan, 2016

A simple dress using a virginal white cotton crepe, a radiant sun set embroidered on the nourishing belly from which a waterfall of blood red chiffon unleashes.

Representing both the blood of the feminine natural cycle and the childbirth, this red fabric attempts to show the beauty of the life giving blood.

The front and back neckline is arrayed with a balled up silk chiffon scarf which continues behind the shoulders as small flounces. The front of the dress is open into a waterfall of silk satin which veining were formed with steam, a white waterfall on which the blood red fabric will then unleash. Finally, the sun is made of gold metallic silk chiffon, the reflection of the water is hand dyed with gradation on a silk chiffon and the thiner sunbeam are embroidered by hand wild gold strings.


A project in collaboration with ...

Photography : Alexandra Banti

Model : Heima

Hair : Margaux Genest

Makeup : Vanessa Brooke Lopez